Bookmarks for a front-end web developer: copywriting tools

Everyone has their favourite sites, those bookmarks you create then go back to time and time again.

During my 10 years working as a web developer I have bookmarked my fair share of “favourite” sites. Aside from the customary links to youtube and bbc news, my bookmark bar mainly consists of shortcuts to time-saving tools that I find myself using on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.

This blog post is the first in a series of articles detailing some of the most useful bookmarks I have collated over the years.

HTML Codes Table

Being able to remember and recite the extensive list of html entity codes is not a party trick I posess, nor is it one i’d ever be interested in learning. Thankfully there are plenty of helpful sites out there that display the codes in a handy table. Here’s one site I have been using for years…

Spell Checker

There are a wide range of free spell-checking tools online, each with their pros and cons. This one is clean, simple and easy to use – copy your text, paste it in the box, click the button, job done.

Text Case Converter

Copying and pasting text from an email or document into a html file should be a quick and painless task, but if the original text is not supplied in the case you need it, this simple tool is a life saver. In the past I have had clients supply huge amounts of text in ‘UPPER CASE’, the following website allowed me to change it to ‘Sentence case’ with the click of a button – happy days 🙂


An essential tool for any copywriting task… need I say more?