Keyboard shortcuts you should be using

One of the simplest yet most effective time savers when carrying out those repetitive admin tasks.

If I had a pound for everytime I used CTRL+C and CTRL+V at work or at home i’d be a very wealthy blogger. Keyboard shortcuts are a great way of eliminating clicks, here’s some of the most useful ones for Mac and Windows PC…

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

  • F1: Help
  • CTRL+ESC: Open Start menu
  • ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs
  • ALT+F4: Quit program
  • SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanently
  • Windows Logo+L: Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE)
  • CTRL+C: Copy
  • CTRL+X: Cut
  • CTRL+V: Paste
  • CTRL+Z: Undo
  • CTRL+B: Bold
  • CTRL+U: Underline
  • CTRL+I: Italic
  • CTRL+P: Print

For an extended list of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts click here

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Command-X: Cut the selected item and copy it to the Clipboard.
  • Command-C: Copy the selected item to the Clipboard. This also works for files in the Finder.
  • Command-V: Paste the contents of the Clipboard into the current document or app. This also works for files in the Finder.
  • Command-Z: Undo the previous command. You can then press Command-Shift-Z to Redo, reversing the undo command. In some apps, you can undo and redo multiple commands.
  • Command-A: Select All items.
  • Command-F: Find items in a document or open a Find window.
  • Command-G: Find Again. Find the next occurrence of the item previously found. To find the previous occurrence, press Command-Shift-G.
  • Command-H: Hide the windows of the front app. To view the front app but hide all other apps, press Command-Option-H.
  • Command-M: Minimize the front window to the Dock. To minimize all windows of the front app, press Command-Option-M.
  • Command-N: New. Open an new document or window.
  • Command-O: Open the selected item, or open a dialog to select a file to open.
  • Command-P: Print the current document.
  • Command-S: Save the current document.
  • Command-W: Close the front window. To close all windows of the app, press Command-Option-W.
  • Command-Q: Quit the app.

For an extended list of Mac Keyboard Shortcuts click here

If you’re not using any of these shortcuts already you really should be. Work them into your daily regime and you will soon wonder why you did things any other way!